Nursing Jobs in Texas

Like many other states across the US, Texas is suffering from a shortage of nurses. The high demand and low supply of nurses in the health care field means that Texas will need almost 70,000 more nurses by 2020. Although the bulk of nursing jobs are located in the major cities of Texas, like Dallas and Houston, statewide there is a nursing crisis. If you currently live in Texas and are considering a career change or are already a certified nurse and are interested in the possibility of relocating, Texas has plenty to offer in the way of nursing jobs.

Finding a Nursing Job in Texas

Finding a nursing job in Texas is about as easy as finding a cowboy in Texas. Use the variety of resources online to start your job search, as there are hundreds of websites designed specifically to help nurses find openings all over the state. You can search for jobs by location, education level, specialty, pay rates and more. You can find permanent, per diem, and travel nursing jobs in a wide array of practice settings. If you are currently enrolled in a nursing school or a nursing program, they often help with placement as well.

Most Needed Nursing Jobs in Texas

Believe it or not the most needed nursing jobs in the whole state of Texas are registered nurses or RNs. To be a certified RN you must first earn your degree and get a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN. This degree takes approximately four years to complete and includes both hands on practical training and classroom education to graduate. Once you have your BSN you can take the national exam NCLEX-RN to become a RN and pass the state board exam to start working. The average salary of a RN in Texas is approximately $61,000 a year.

Operating nurses are also in very high demand all over Texas. An OR nurse will help prep a patient for surgery, be part of the surgical team and take care of the patient after the surgery. This is a specialty within the nursing field and requires that the RN obtain an advanced certification and experience.

Travel nursing is another area that is in need of qualified nurses. Travel nurses work short periods of time in facilities and will then move to a new location. A travel nurse can choose to work in several facilities within one area or choose to move to a new location after each contract. It’s a great way to see the huge state of Texas and expand your skill set with the added bonus that travel nurses make very competitive salaries.

Per Diem nurse jobs are not only very popular but also in very high demand. Being a per diem nurse means that you don’t work under a contract with one facility, but with a placement agency that offers work on a daily or weekly basis in a variety of practice settings. To qualify to become a per diem nurse you will need to either be a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) with at least one year of experience or a RN with at least two to three years of experience in the field. The more specialized you are the more jobs you will qualify for as a per diem nurse, but there are jobs of every type available.

Why Choose to Work in Texas?

Texas, the lone star state, is ranked number two in both land area and population of all the states in the USA. Texas also has two of the top ten rated cities for business and careers, as rated by Forbes magazine. With that much space, that many people, and that much opportunity, you can see how the need for nurses would be quite high. If you live in Texas you already know what a great state it is and all it has to offer, from miles of beautiful coastline, extensive history, national parks, golf course, great sports and more. Texas has often been called the land of opportunity and still is today, especially if you are looking for a job in the health care industry as a nurse.


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