Is a Nursing Career Right For You?


Nursing is a Great Career For Anyone

If you’re looking for a great career, we have news for you. Nursing is one the best career choices in today’s job market and not only because it’s a job that will allow you to love what you do, but it will also earn an amazing income, have flexible hours, a high level of prestige within your community and access to an unlimited amount jobs all across America – and even the world. Nursing is the one of the fastest growing industries in the country, which means incredible career opportunities for anyone already in nursing or thinking about entering the field.

A Great Career Choice

Choosing a career in nursing is great for so many reasons. As long as you have a desire to help people, you’ll not only find that nursing is a very rewarding job, but that it fits any lifestyle. Nursing is a career that truly allows you to fit your life into it, rather than having to fit your life into your career. And how many people can say that? It’s one of the only careers that allows you to plan your career around the lifestyle you desire. But that’s not all. Here are other things that make nursing a top-notch career choice:

  • Income: According the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual mean income of RNs in America is approximately $67,000. Also, nurses earn annual salary increases, so the more experience you have and the longer you work in the field, the more money you can make. Some specialized nurses make more than $100,000 a year for doing a job they love.
  • Unlimited Jobs: The US is experiencing a serious nursing shortage. There are more than 100,000 open nursing positions right now. Can you imagine that once you’re a certified nurse, you’ll be able to choose from over 100,000 positions? There is simply no other industry in America that boasts that.
  • Growth Potential: Nursing will never be a dead end job. Once you are working as general nurse you can continue your education and earn advanced certifications. You can choose to specialize in an area of nursing that you have a passion for, or one that is in high demand. There are literally hundreds of different paths you can take in the nursing field and create your ideal life along the way.
  • Prestige: You’ll be able to hold your head up and be proud to be a nurse. They rank #1 in surveys conducted all over America for having the highest level of ethics, honesty and integrity. I want to be in that category, don’t you?

Career Options

Nursing is an expansive field, with so many varied positions it would be difficult to learn about them all – even if you had unlimited time. Although there are certain positions that most people associate with being a nurse, such as a registered nurse (RN) working in a hospital, those positions don’t even scratch the surface of the enormous possibilities in nursing. In fact, nurses working in hospitals only account for about half of all working nurses.

  • Common Nurse Practices: Some of these include nurses working in hospitals, doctor’s offices, people’s homes, hospice centers, nursing homes and clinics.
  • Uncommon Nurse Practices: Some the places you might not expect to find nurses working are in schools, spas, courtrooms, cruise ships, holistic health centers, government offices, missions and the military.

Nurse specialties are very popular. Many times a general nurse who has worked in the field for a while will discover that she has a real calling or passion for a specific type of nursing within the field. Many nurses choose to go on and specialize so that they can begin to work within that specialty. There are over 300 different types of specialties that nurses can choose from, but here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Registered Nurse Midwife
  • Oncology Nurse
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Mental Health/Psychiatric Nurse

Another specialty that is becoming more and more popular is travel nursing. Travel nurses work for short periods of time at different facilities. They make very competitive wages, get supplemental income for housing and get to travel all over the country – or the world. If you love to travel and want to get out and experience more of what life has to offer, then becoming a travel nurse might be the right thing to do. You’ll gain great experience by being exposed to so many different facilities, techniques and equipment. Plus, it would be impossible to get bored because you’ll be living the life of travel. Can you imagine spending two months working the Rockies among the pine trees and deer and then heading to the pristine coastline for two months of fun in the sun? If that appeals to you, you might want to point your career planning towards this goal.

As you can see, choosing to be a nurse offers endless opportunities and it’s an amazing career choice for anyone. What other industry has so many different avenues that you can choose from? You’ll definitely never be bored as a nurse and will always be able to choose what fits your lifestyle, your personal needs and you own personal desires. Simply put, nursing can be the most satisfying career path you could take.

Are you convinced? Are you ready to get started in the best career available? Why wait another day to start turning your dreams into reality? You’ll be on your way to having a job that you love and a wide-open career path ahead of you. They say that a journey starts with just one step, so take that first step in becoming in a nurse today. You’ll be so happy you did because it will change your life for the better, forever.

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