Nothing is More Amazing then the Miracle of Birth and Midwives are a Part of it Everyday

Do you ever find yourself marveling over the miracle of childbirth and how amazing it would be to be a part of it? Have you always dreamed of helping women bring new life into this world? Witnessing one of the miracles of life is like no other feeling on earth and until you have experienced it firsthand, you’re truly missing out on one of life’s greatest gifts.

Midwifery is a profession in which nurses provide care to childbearing women during their pregnancy, birth and during the postpartum periods of about 10 days. This time is magical not only for the birthmother but the child as well, and you can be there to assist them through the steps of this very import process. No mother ever forgets their midwife, as they are often part of one of the biggest days of their life.

There is currently a shortage of nurses all over the US and there is a high demand for nurse midwives. So, whether you’re a nurse or want to become a nurse so you can be part of this miracle of life, a midwife nurse may be your calling. Midwife nurses are not all women, so just because you’re man, that doesn’t mean that the field is closed to you.

The Miracle of Birth and Joy of Midwifery

Midwives can serve as primary care providers for women or work closely with or in collaboration with their gynecologist and obstetrician. They provide care to pregnant women and can also work with patients regarding reproductive health issues, family planning, gynecological exams and menopausal care. The main overall goal of any midwife is to help childbearing women have a natural birth experience. Nurse midwives administer medications, provide treatments, diagnose and provide therapy to women patients, including delivering children in and out of hospital settings.

There are several different categories that you may consider when looking for a job in midwifery.

  • Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • Direct-Entry Midwives
  • Certified Professional Midwifes (CPM)
  • A Licensed Midwife

Although many midwives do practice in hospitals they aren’t limited to them. Midwives also work in a wide variety of different medical clinics and private offices as well as in some patient’s homes. As a midwife you might even find yourself working in all of these environments at one point or another or if you prefer you can focus on just one – it’s all up to you.

How to Become a Nurse Midwife

It is not easy to become a midwife nor is the journey a fast one. However, with dedication and perseverance you can start taking the steps today and start living the dream. To be a certified midwife will take you approximately six years, becoming a registered nurse (RN) along the way. Most things worth having in life aren’t easy but very rewarding once you have achieved them and becoming a nurse midwife is no different. After you’re an RN, which takes about four years, you can start slowly gaining experience while you work toward becoming certified.

Certified midwives are some of the best-paid nurses in the nursing industry. Most midwives would never go through what they do just for the money but earning a high income is always a great perk to any job that you love to do. Of course, like any position annual salaries will vary across the nation. Salaries fluctuate depending on the type of facility in which you work, how much experience you have, the state you work in and more. However, if salary is a motivating factor for you, the top 10% of nurse midwives do earn $100,000 a year.

If you have a strong passion to provide care to childbearing women then becoming a nurse midwife can be an excellent career choice. You need to be committed to being a nurse but you will also have to learn theories pertaining to midwifery as well. You must be kind, loving and especially patient toward others to succeed in this type of nursing. A nurse midwife must work well under stressful situations but also be confident in their individual skills, and at times be able to make quick decisions under pressure. Worldwide more than 60% of babies are delivered to midwives who help women experience the most natural of all miracles.

Are you ready? Most midwives don’t choose to be midwives they feel it is their calling and know deep inside them that they were just made to do this job. Choosing to be a nurse midwife means you’ll have to find the best program that’s offered and fits your needs, enroll and let the learning begin. In no time at all you’ll be helping a childbearing women bring a daughter or son into this world naturally. If you can’t imagine doing anything else with your life and you are excited at the thought of being a nurse midwife, start your journey today – you’ll never regret it.

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