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Do I Have What it Takes to Become a Nurse?

With all of the careers that you have to choose from, why would you decide to become a nurse? After all, you could go for an exciting career that would allow you to travel, be a part of different cultures, work in high-drama environments, help people truly in need, or enable the young to have fun while being safe. Wait, I’m describing a nursing career! If you’ve always thought of a nurse as one who works in a depressing environment day in and day out, you’re in for a surprise. The nursing field has changed by leaps and bounds, and today’s nurses are experiencing one of the most exciting – and in-demand – professions in the world. In fact, while a certain personality type used to be ideal for nurses, there are so many different opportunities now that just about anyone can develop a nursing career that they love. Here are a few of the most common personality types, and some of the nursing specialties and jobs that might appeal to them.


If you’re an adventurous sort who never knows a stranger and doesn’t mind putting yourself in new situations and environments, then you have a few great choices. You might consider becoming a travel nurse, where you’ll choose your assignments, and every six weeks or so, be moved to another. You might find yourself on the east coast in the winter, move on to the central plains for the spring, and then enjoy the summer and sunshine on the west coast. You might also consider signing on to be a nurse in the military, with Doctors Without Borders, on the mission field or in an orphanage overseas. If you’ve got an adventurous spirit, a nursing career could be just the thing to let you live the life you crave.

Safe and Steady

Some of us find comfort in knowing what to expect in life in general, but especially in our jobs. For those, a nursing career spent in a private doctor’s office may be the perfect fit. You arrive at work the same time every day, and get to know the patients and usually spend years, or even your entire career working for the same doctor. Other safe choices are as an RN in a nursing home, or a home health nursing aid.


For some, the use of their brains is the way they get satisfaction out of their lives. People like this might want to narrow their career into one of the subspecialties that takes extra education to achieve. A nurse anesthesiologist is one of the highest paid nursing positions, and takes great skill and knowledge. In addition, a nurse practitioner is one step away from a doctor and can see patients on their own – even prescribing some medications.

High Drama

If the need for drama defines your life, then you should definitely look into a job as an emergency room nurse. Every day – or night – is different as you will attend to accident victims and other unusual medical emergencies. The environment is rushed and these nurses must be on their toes during their entire shift. Other high drama jobs include hospice nurses, where people’s lives literally hang in the balance daily, and oncology nurses, where you’ll find yourself rooting for your patients as they struggle to beat the odds of cancer.


If you’re not comfortable following orders, but would rather be the one giving them, then you should look into one of the many leadership positions available to nurses. There are head nurses in every department of every hospital, as well as those nurses who work in the administration field, such as a Director of Nursing. In addition, nursing homes need Nurse Administrators along with head nurses.

Tech Savvy

Informatics are a huge part of the nursing field, and because of new regulations, those nurses who possess technical skills will be in high demand. If you love computers and the technology that they afford, then informatics just might be the career for you.

Nursing is a varied field, and as demonstrated above, anyone who desires to be a part of it will be able to find their own niche. The key is the knowledge to understand exactly what your choices are and how to design your education and training so that you’ll be prepared to work in just that field. NursingJobFinder is exactly the resource you need. Take advantage of our research and insider information and learn exactly what area of this exciting field is right for you.

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