Nursing Job Outlook


The Nursing Job Outlook Looks Bright Ahead

Are you looking for a job with endless job potential and unlimited job openings nationwide? Do you know that the USA is currently experiencing a nursing shortage of about 100,000 nurses and the number is expected to rise to 800,000 by 2020? Would you ever imagine in today’s economy with so many companies closing plants and laying off people there is an industry that is in desperate in need of qualified individuals to fill thousands of job openings? In fact, the nursing job outlook has never looked better, more diverse or more interesting.

Whether you’re an experienced nurse looking to change paths, a new graduate getting ready to start your journey, an ex nurse wanting to return to the field or someone who has no training, your future can be filled with endless possibilities. The world can be your oyster and you can choose to walk through one of many doors if you choose to start the journey of becoming a nurse today.

Nursing is the Career Path of the Future

  • With the current nursing shortage there are almost unlimited amounts of jobs available all over the US as well as other countries.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that the mean wage of RNs was $66,530 a year. And the more experience you have the more you’ll make.
  • National surveys have proven time and time again that nurses rank very high in professional prestige, ethics and honesty. In fact, they currently rank #1.
  • Nursing is one of the few positions with an amazing growth potential. For your entire career, you’ll be able to continue to learn and further your skill set, which will increase your job opportunities within the nursing field. The sky is the limit.

Searching For a Nursing Job

The nursing industry needs nurses so badly that you’ll be able to choose to work in almost any state, at any type of facility or in any specialty that you want. Job searching is easy not only because the need for nurses is so great but because of nursing agencies. Agencies can either help you find work for a small fee, but often they run seminars and workshops that help you gain valuable information about getting into the job market. Schools also have amazing contacts with thousands of employers. In fact, schools often have knowledge of jobs that aren’t even open to the public. And if you’re looking for those hard to find jobs, check out our job board – one of the most comprehensive that you’ll find on the net. If you’re flexible and willing to move, it’s common that facilities will give you a signing bonus, sometimes upward of $14,000.

Nursing, just like in any field, takes about a year to gain the experience that you need and to establish yourself as someone who is on the move in the industry. Once you do, you can begin to chart your own path.

Use the nursing job board on this website to find the latest openings.

Nursing Beyond the Hospital

If you aren’t familiar with the nursing field you might automatically assume that all nurses work in hospitals, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, only about half of the nurses in the US work in hospitals. So, you might wonder, where do the other half work?

  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Patient’s Homes
  • Schools
  • Forensic Labs
  • Cruise Ships
  • Spas
  • Courtrooms
  • Ambulances
  • Helicopters

Just to name a few. Sound boring? I didn’t think so, and the possibilities don’t stop there. If you can dream big, then it can happen for you, and soon you’ll be working as a nurse and loving your job. Set your aim high and go for the stars, and don’t limit your aspirations to just traditionally thought of nursing jobs.

Travel Nursing

Travel nursing positions are some of the most in demand positions across the country and overseas. A travel nurse is one who works on contract through an agency and only works for a short period of time in one facility before moving to another. The average length of stay in one facility for a travel nurse is approximately 13 weeks. Positions might be across town, maybe on the other side of your state or even the other coast of the country. Travel nurses make extremely competitive wages, usually getting paid more to do the same job as non-travel nurses. Travel nurses get help paying for their housing and the move, yet still earn medical benefits and vacation time, as well. Not to mention the amazing experience of traveling around the country and experiencing new places, people and job experiences.

America is not the only country experiencing a nurse shortage either. Countries all over the world are looking for qualified nurses to join their teams. What better way to see the world than working as travel nurse? Getting paid to do the job you love and seeing the world at the same time – does it get any better?

Yes, the future is bright for nurses all across America. If you love to help people, the nursing field as a whole is just waiting for you to take the first step. There is no other industry that in today’s economy has such growth and earning potential. You can start today on the path of working in nursing and have the peace of mind that your job will never become obsolete because the demand will just continue to grow.


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