Nursing Jobs in California

Most people know what a shortage of nurses we have all over the US right now and that the shortage is supposed to become more acute through the year 2016 or beyond. When looking for your dream nursing job you can choose to go about it two ways: know the job you want and be willing to go anywhere to work in it, or know where you want to be and find a job that is available in that area. If you are currently living in California and want to stay there or are interested in moving to California, there are many great nursing jobs available to choose from, depending on your education level and specialty. The California government recently announced that they expect the state to need over 50,000 more nurses in the next two years and up to 116,000 nurses by 2020.

Most Abundant Nursing Jobs in California

The vast majority of nursing jobs that are becoming available in California are located in its major cities of San Diego, San Francisco and all over the Los Angeles metro area. There are almost 500 hospitals in these metropolitan areas alone, which means if you are considering a job at a hospital facility, you’re in luck. Hospitals hire all types of nurses from registered nurses (RNs), to licensed vocational nurses (LVNs,) pediatric nurses, operating room nurses and nurse anesthesiologists. One of the fastest growing fields in California, both in cities and rural areas, are certified nurse midwives (CNM).

Most Needed Nursing Jobs in California

Some the most needed nurses in the state of California are RNs that have specialized in either oncology or gerontology. The number of these patients entering facilities and in need of quality care is increasing at a rapid rate. Also, there is a huge rise in the need for legal nurses in California. Although legal nurses might spend more time in courtrooms then practice facilities, the need for them is growing every day.

Per Diem nurses are also in demand in California. Per Diem nurses are ones who work with agencies to fill needed positions on a daily or weekly basis. To be a per diem nurse you need to be a LVN with at least one year of experience working in the field or a RN with at least two or three years experience in the field. Per Diem salaries are very competitive and these types of nurses often make more than the permanent nurses at the same facility doing the same job. The only downside to per diem nursing is that the work is never guaranteed. But if you are flexible, want to try new things and make great money, per diem work offers great benefits.

Highest Paying California Nursing Jobs

California travel nursing jobs are some of the highest paying jobs in the country. A travel nurse is one who works on a short-term contract, usually for less than a year, and then moves on to a new facility. The state of California has great need for traveling CCU/ICU, medical surgery, ER and telemetry nurses. All these jobs are specialized, so you must have the correct certifications to work in these areas, but the demand to fill these positions is high. There are many advantages to working as a traveling nurse. Not only do you gain great experience by working in a wide variety of practice settings, but the pay is very competitive and you get to see more of the state.

There are many opportunities in the nursing health care industry in the state of California. California has an amazing selection of places to live in and things to do from surfing on the beaches, hiking the redwood forests and skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. California also has culture, great nightlife, and any kind of cuisine you can imagine. Whether you are a nurse that already lives in California who doesn’t want to leave or one that wants to try new nursing opportunities that are available, there is no better time than now.


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