Nursing Jobs in Ohio

Just like many of the most populated states in America, Ohio is in need of nurses of all kinds to fill many positions that are currently available. Most of the available nursing opportunities are in Ohio’s biggest cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo and Cincinnati but it doesn’t stop there, nurses are needed state wide, even in small towns like Hamilton. Over 40% of nurses in Ohio are slated to retire in the next 10 years and the need for qualified nurses in Ohio grows almost 30% every year, which equals lot of job openings to be filled.

Available Nursing Jobs in Ohio

The majority of open positions for nurses in Ohio are currently for registered nurses (RNs) both specialized and non specialized, certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and directors of nursing (DON). All three positions are available in different facility types all over the state. Below is a quick reference to what each position entails as far education and approximate salary.

  • RN positions – to be a RN you have to first obtain a BSN degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) from an accredited college or nursing program. After you have your BSN you can sit for the national exam NCLEX-RN to be a registered nurse and then pass the state board exam for the state in which you wish to work. This whole process takes on average four years to complete. As a RN you can work in a wide variety of settings with the patients you will be caring for. If you want to continue your education and get specialized training you can do so while working and gaining experience at the same time. The most popular specialized RN jobs in Ohio are for operating room nurses and intermediate care/ telemetry nurses. The average annual salary of a RN working in Ohio is approximately $68,000. Salaries increase with specialized certificates and years of experience.
  • CNA positions – to work as a CNA you must enroll and pass a certified nurse assistance course and the exam. These courses are offered at institutions such as nursing care facilities, community colleges, and nursing schools or even online. A certification will require both classroom education (usually lasting 4-6 weeks), and 75 hours of clinical work experience. The average salary of a CNA in Ohio is $30,000 a year.
  • DON positions – director of nursing positions are part of a management team within the health care facility. This is a top-level position and requires either a masters or doctorate degree in nursing. A DON in Ohio earns approximately $77,000 annually.

Other Ohio Nursing Jobs

Although the above listed positions are the most needed jobs, there are many other types of nursing jobs available in Ohio as well.

  • Per Diem nurse jobs are needed all over the state. A per diem nurse is one who works with an agency to fill in for different positions on a daily or weekly basis. Usually, a per diem nurse will take over shifts for other nurses that have called in sick or gone on vacation. Per Diem nurses get paid on an hourly basis and work in hospitals, clinics, private physicians offices and do just about everything you can think of. To be a per diem nurse you will need one to three years of experience depending on your current education level.
  • Travel nursing positions are always in demand. A travel nurse will work short-term contracts with different facilities and change facilities at least every year. This is great way to experience many different types of care facilities, learn new equipment and procedures while earning a very competitive salary. If you are a nurse who gets bored by too much routine, a travel nurse position would be great for you.

Why Choose Ohio?

Ohio is such a diverse state and has something to offer everyone from the rich history of the railroad and the Wright brothers, the beautiful Lake Erie, the Ohio River valley and the famous Cedar Point amusement park. Whether you are single or wanting to raise a family, Ohio is great place to be and if you are a nurse looking for a great job, Ohio is perfect.


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