Nursing Jobs in Florida

Like many of the most populated states in America experiencing a nurse shortage, Florida is no different. According to the Florida Center for Nursing, the number of nursing jobs that need to be filled in Florida is rising about 5 percent per year, which are about 8,000 more nurses a year that Florida needs to treat all its patients. Most nursing jobs in Florida will be created and needed in hospitals and home health care settings. The top cities in Florida that are in need of health care nurses are Miami, Orlando, Lakeland, Cape Coral, Port St. Lucie, Sarasota, West Palm Beach and Punta Gorda.

Home Health Care Job Openings

It is no secret that Florida is one of the most popular destinations for retired people in America to live either full or part time. The year round warm weather, having bodies of water on each side and an overall relaxed attitude draws a huge retired crowd to Florida. Retirees are usually 65 years of age or older and tend to require a bit more medical attention then the younger age group. Most of these older retired individuals require and or request home health care, and that is why it’s such a huge nursing practice in Florida. Home health care is when patients receive care in their homes so that they don’t have to go to residential or long-term care facilities. Nurses that provide home health care often do a combination of professional care as well as life assistance services, and may visit a patient on a daily, weekly or as needed basis. The salary of a home health care nurse in Florida is on average $40 an hour, and they can also receive money for the miles they drive to and from patient homes. Depending on the needs of the patient and duties that are requested, some nurses will get paid more to provide certain extra skilled services. Home health care nurses can work for agencies on a per diem basis or for a facility that provides home health care nurses under contract.

Hospital Jobs Opportunities in Florida

There is also a huge demand for jobs in hospitals all across the state of Florida and there are a significant number of medical institutions located throughout the interior of the state as well as on both coasts. Some common available positions in Florida hospitals are geriatric nurses, operating room nurses, oncology nurses, ICU and CVICU nurses. Depending on your specific specialty and certification, you could work in one of the most well known hospitals in America such as St. Vincent, St. Jude’s and the Mayo clinic hospital.

Finding Nursing Jobs in Florida Online

Not only can you go online and search nursing jobs all over the state by location, title, certification and specialty, you can also apply online. Many websites just require that you register with them and that is usually free by just creating an account. Then, not only can you search for and find the job you want; you can submit your resume to multiple employers in one day. Job hunting for nurses has never been as easy as it is now with the development of the Internet. Nursing jobs in Florida are not just limited to hospital and home health care just because they are the most needed. Nurses that want to work in Florida can also choose between local doctor’s offices, rehabilitation centers, senior care centers, hospice, clinics, long-term care facilities and urgent care centers.

Why Work and Live in Florida?

When people think of Florida they think sun, cruises, oranges, and Disney World – the happiest place on earth. Florida is also known for the Keys, the Everglades and of course the gators. They are many reasons why Florida draws not only so many tourists but also the people who want to live and work in such a wonderland. This draw to Florida makes it an ideal place to be a nurse, and even though it can be a competitive market, there are an abundance of nursing jobs available.


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