Seasonal RN Jobs at Camps

Camp nurse jobs provide an opportunity to combine nursing with the great outdoors and practice care giving in a non- traditional environment. The variety of nurse camp jobs is only limited by the variety of camps. Camp nurses can work in day or residential camps for a few weeks or entire seasons, both summer and winter.

Camp nurses may be the only health professional on site so they must practice with an assurance that gives a comfort and a sense of well being for children and youths away from home. The job of a camp nurse is to provide care for children and young adults and the other camp staff with a view to not only providing to day to day care but to work towards improving the overall health of the camp community.

Education and Expected Salary

Camp nursing jobs do not require a specific qualification because there are jobs available at various levels, but you will be expected to have the relevant qualification for the position you are applying for as well as demonstrable experience for what’s required. Camp jobs are a good way for nursing students to gain real, practical experience during the vacation periods. Nursing degree undergraduates are usually welcomed in health centers in large camps that have three or four nurses on their staff.

Camp nurse jobs are open to registered nurses and licensed nurse practitioners so if you are not a current student pursuing a degree in nursing you will first need to gain certification. Registered nurses take the NCLEX-RN after a two year Associates course or a four year baccalaureate RN program. Licensed nurse practitioners are ready to sit for the NCLEX-PN after a period of combined study and work. The time it takes to gain your LPN license depends on the type of LPN program your healthcare facility or hospital runs and how quickly you can get through your studies.

Camp nurse positions are also open to travel nurses who are already registered nurses and licensed nurse practitioners who work on short term assignments rather than being contracted to a salaried position at one specific healthcare facility.

It is not always necessary to have experience working with children when applying for a camp nurse, but you should at least enjoy being with them or want to work with them. You will need to be confident in your skills and able to give information about health issues to the campers and staff. You’ll need to be a hard worker and prepared to work shifts.

The salaries for camp nurse jobs are wide ranging and depend on which state you live in, the size and location of the camp, the size of the nursing staff, and the length o the employment period, but you can expect to earn $3,000 to $5,000 for an eight week assignment. Housing is provided at the camp and most camps offer free places for your children.

Scope of Camp Nurse Jobs

The range of summer camp jobs is the attraction rather than career advancement. Being a camp nurse can provide the experience that a student needs to kick off their career , or add new skills to the portfolio of already licensed nurses. There is no specific career progression other than by being promoted within through the levels of the nursing staff in any one camp. As camp nursing teams are small, the uppermost position is usually the head camp nurse.

Roles of a Camp Nurse

A camp nurse can be called upon for any issue relating to the health and well being of camp residents and staff. Some of the things that a camp nurse can be asked to do includes the following

  • First aid
  • Accompany sick or injured campers or staff to the local hospital when the need arises
  • Dispense medication prescribed by the camp doctor or pre-existing medication the camper has brought with them
  • Ensure the health and safety of campers and staff
  • Communicate specific camper health issues to the camp staff
  • Keep medical records
  • Communicate with local hospitals, doctors and pharmacies
  • Communicate with parents

With an opportunity to participate in camp activities, meeting new campers and staff each season, the job of a camp nurse is interesting and varied.


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