Nursing Jobs for New Graduates

If you are like most nurses who have just graduated from college or a nursing program you can’t wait to land your first job and start working in the real world. With a shortage of nurses in the US right now there are many nursing jobs available all over the country. And even though there are so many jobs available out there, don’t be surprised if you can’t seem to find your dream job right way. It’s rare that anyone lands their ideal job right out of college, so be patient and be prepared to put in your dues at the bottom before reaching the top.

Job Searching

It is important to start your job search as soon as you graduate. In doing so you’ll show potential employers just how excited and motivated you are to enter the workforce. There are many ways to begin your job search after you have graduated. Most nursing schools have placement help as well as jobs fairs that will help you through the process. Many health care facilities like hospitals will post nursing jobs in local newspapers or on their websites. The Internet offers many great resources such as job directories and some sites are dedicated strictly to nursing jobs.

Keeping an Open Mind

I know it’s hard to imagine that after four or more years of studying and getting the proper education that you would still need experience; but that’s the reality. Putting everything you learned into practice in real life is not always as easy as it may have seemed in school. Unfortunately, certain jobs will be unavailable to you as a new graduate until you have at least one year of experience working in a health care facility. Nothing truly prepares a nurse for the real world of nursing like experience, so it’s very important that you keep on open mind when looking for your first job, and understand that the experience you gain from it will eventually lead to your dream job. You’ll be amazed after just one year of work how many more doors will be open to you in the nursing world.

Establish Your Reputation

Although your first year working as a nurse might not be the most glamorous, it’s crucial in your career for establishing you as a successful nurse. In your first year out of school most nurses will perform basic nursing tasks all while establishing their reputation within the nursing community. In order to move to the next level, you’ll have to prove yourself, and your supervisors will be looking at your interpersonal skills, punctuality, willingness to learn new things, your ability to follow directions, act under pressure and more. Once you have proven yourself as a young nurse, you’ll start to excel in the field.

Where to Start?

Here are some helpful hints when trying to get your first job after graduation. You can find many of these types of positions on the Internet.

  • Consider nursing homes, doctor’s offices and health care agencies. Often these types of facilities are very willing to take in new graduates and love to offer them new experiences, room to grow and great opportunities down the line.
  • Do a nationwide search. Some states are much more open to hiring new graduates than others. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in your area try another state for a year or two – you can always return once you have the experience you need.
  • Don’t forget that you can always take internships and volunteer opportunities to get the experience as well.
  • Consider enrolling in the military. Believe it or not there are some amazing deals offered in the service. Contact a local recruiter for more information.

The key to getting the nursing job of your dreams is to stay forced, put in your time establishing your reputation and always keeping an open mind. You may not land your dream job immediately after graduation, but with every hour of experience you gain, you’ll work towards your goal of helping others.


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