How to Get Travel Nursing Assignments

So, you’ve completed your education and are now ready to see the world as a travel nurse. You should know that, although there’s a high demand for travel nurses, it will be up to you to ensure that you do all you can to get the best possible assignment. And by mapping out your strategy before you begin your search, you’ll have better odds of doing just that. If you’re ready to begin your adventure as a travel nurse, follow along as we outline the perfect three step assignment seeking strategy.

Step #1: Find Your Partner

Every traveling nurse needs a partner, and when you’re looking for an assignment, the perfect partner is a staffing company. These companies keep records of all the outstanding travel positions, and then help find qualified nurses for the positions. You will need to choose carefully because the right staffing recruiter can boost your career with plum assignments and ongoing work, but the wrong one could stall your career. Interview a few companies before committing to one, and ask the hard questions, such as how many open jobs they have available for nurses with your training and experience and what types of benefits they can offer.

Step #2: Make a Commitment

Once you’ve decided on an agency, you’ll next have to fill out some paperwork and have a discussion about your job preferences. Be honest with your recruiter and tell them exactly what type of position you’re looking for. Outline your wants, such as paid-for housing and return trip travel vouchers, and your desires, such as a house close to the job and paid vacation days. You’ll also need to decide on a travel destination, and this can be either within the states or outside of them. Think carefully about where you want to work, and your recruiter should be able to line up interviews for you in that area.

Step #3: Show Your Charm

This is what you’ve been preparing for – the interview. The employer will understand that you’ve already passed the rigorous standards of the staffing agency and will be hoping that you’re the perfect match for the job. After all, once they make the hire, they can get on to other pressing matters. Now is the time to feel confident in your training and experience and tell the interviewer exactly why you’re the perfect candidate for the position.

Step #4: Begin Your Adventure

After you’ve made a great impression on the interviewer and have been granted the job, all that’s left is the details. Your staffing agency will help you with licensing in the new location, as well as maps and directions for your new destination, and then they’ll work with you until you’re settled in and comfortable. Congratulations, you’re now living the life most people only dream of!

A career as a travel nurse can one of the most adventurous jobs in the industry, but you’ll do well to remember that planning – even for an adventure – is the surest way to ensure success.


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